Revision Remedies

Revision Remedies

Hello my lovelies, It’s exam season soon and revision time!

GCSE, A-Levels, IB and University, whatever level you’re at, exams can be stressful, I should know, I’m writing this post instead of writing my dissertation! But as they say ‘Do as I say and not as I do’. I have some great revision tips that have helped me ace my exams and keep focus and I’m lovely enough to share them with you!

Pre – Revision

Ready, Set…

  1. Do the work through the year – homework, coursework, seminar reading, extra reading. I know it’s a pain but teachers set it for a reason. It’s so much easier to revise if all you have to do is refresh your memory and all the information is there! Which brings me to my next point.
  2. Take Notes – Any little brainwaves you get; your opinions; negative, positive, unsure – write it down. It’s your little insights and your quirks that will get you marks for originality and creativity!
  3. Ask Questions – Anything you don’t understand or if you need further clarification, ASK. That’s what your teachers/lecturers/seminar tutors are there for!
  4. Wikipedia is Wicked – In more ways than one! Wikipedia is a beacon of knowledge but it’s not good academic practice to cite it so a fantastic tip that someone gave me and which I’m giving to you is utilise Wikipedia’s footnotes. This here is a lifesaver.
  5. Record Your Lectures/Lessons – It’s great if you miss something or cannot take notes fast enough. You’ll never miss a thing again! If you own an apple device, Simple Recorder is fab. If not, check Amazon.


The nitty-gritty! Okay this is where I get hypocritical but remember ‘Do as I say, not as I do’.

  1. Procrastination is the Thief of Time – Do not do it! Ten minutes turns into an hour which turns into two weeks. Did that escalate quickly? Yeah, so does procrastination. On the other hand…
  2. Schedule Breaks – Timetabling works really well for me, it tells me what I’m meant to be doing when and also allows me guilt-free planned chill time as I know I’ve revised, very different from procrastination. Take walks and get some fresh air, see your friends, enjoy some retail therapy (okay that’s me again). Here’s a great timetable generator
  3. What Kind of Learner? – It’s pointless to sit and read if that doesn’t work for you! People are general auditory, kinetic or visual learners. Find out which you are here and tailor your revision to it. Some people like to rewrite succinct colour coded notes, I like to draw big A3 posters. Stick your notes and posters in places you pass each day and perhaps start up a ritual, e.g. while moisturising, go over the Calvin Cycle. Some like to listen to podcasts or their lecture recordings. Others just like to read, highlight and read again.
  4. Practice Makes Perfect – This is true. Do some past papers, take your mocks seriously. Do them under exam conditions and then get someone else to mark them or try your best to be harsh. It helps to get you used to the exam procedure and also to see if you’re revision is working.
  5. Feed Your Mind – Literally and figuratively! Eat some brain food like fruit, vegetables, salmon, nuts and white meats. SLEEP, wait let me say that again, SLEEP. Revising all night will not help you, in fact it’s counterintuitive, sleep commits facts into memory.

Post – Revision

CHILLAX, you deserve it!

I hope it helps! I’m off to incorporate these tips into my own life – le sigh.

Lots of Love,

Vonique xo


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