Alda by Jonalda Peppermint Lip Balm Review

Alda by Jonalda Peppermint Lip Balm Review

Hello loves, I know it’s been a while, put the pitchforks down!  I’m back and with a beauty review of Alda by Jonalda‘s Peppermint Lip Balm – I’m excited, are you excited? Let’s go!


Jonalda is a good friend of mine who is just as obsessed with beauty as I am! When I heard that she was coming out with range of lip balms, I placed my order straight away! Alda by Jonalda is a range of home and handmade lip balms made with natural ingredients to soothe, moisturise and care for your lips. I’m quickly going to throw this in – while Jonalda is a friend, I am dedicated to honest and authentic reviews. Rest assured I will only write what I actually feel!

PASSIONATE ABOUT PEPPERMINT and other ingredients…

I’m reviewing the peppermint lip balm today as I think it’s the most versatile! The first thing I noticed about the lip balm was the fact that it smelled beautifully of sweet peppermint (and tastes like it too). The peppermint made my lips tingle which I really liked. The tingling means that the lip balm is stimulating blood flow through the lips which can have a slight plumping effect so it’s great underneath drying liquid lipsticks.

The lip balm contains beeswax, coconut oil, almond oil and mango butter as well as peppermint oil. Coconut oil is one of my very favourite beauty products, it has mild antiseptic properties, it’s fabulous at locking moisture and it smells divine! All the oils and the mango butter work well with the slightly sharper peppermint oil to leave my lips soft and supple.


When I first applied the lip balm, I thought oh – okay. It took a few seconds for my lips to warm it up a little but when it did – it was fabulous. It glided over my lips and a little went a very long way. My lips were moisturised all night long and considering the fact that I put it to the test under Colourpop’s Liquid Lipstick – that was no mean feat.

As I said earlier I loved the Peppermint tingle but the lip balms also come in Rose and Orange depending on your personal preference.


Alda by Jonalda is currently only available on EtsyI ordered on Wednesday and my lip balms arrived on Friday so that was a major plus for me because I am incredibly impatient (this will become evident when my Birchbox review comes out next week…).

The packaging is cute and clean with the accent colours matching the flavours which I thought was cute. It’s not quite the iconic EOS sphere but it’s cute enough!

Alda products retail at £3.00 at the moment which was fairly reasonable for all the handmade moisturising goodness.


Overall, I was very impressed with Alda’s lip balms. I’m usually an EOS lip balm girl but I think Alda is definitely a pocket friendly alternative. 4/5!

Until next time!

Vonique xo


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  1. John
    August 21, 2016 / 2:32 pm

    Great post, well done Vonique and Jonalda!

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