Self Care Sundays: Friends, Family and Food

Self Care Sundays: Friends, Family and Food

Friends, family and food are three of my very favourite ways to unwind from a stressful week at work. I find that conversation over a warm and filling meal to be an excellent stress reliever. Venting is good for you!

Friends and Family

I started my internship last week and the long hours and overload of new information meant that I was ready for a long chat over dinner with friends. While a lot of forms of self care involve introverted thinking and solitude, getting up and out and meeting friends can do just as much to help your mental state. Talking over new developments in your life and musing over any stressful situations helps a lot. It helps me to realise that half of the things I worry so much about aren’t really worth worrying about at all. The saying ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’ is certainly true in a lot of circumstances.

Food for Thought

I prefer having catch-ups over dinner. Food and eating are enjoyable and sensory experiences which is only enhanced by dining with loved ones. I wouldn’t want to encourage comfort eating as a form self care. Food as a crutch is something I have struggled with myself and it is not a healthy way to deal with emotions. Sharing over food, however, can be beneficial. It is much easier to tackle your problems when you’re looking after yourself and have a belly full of warm, hearty and nutritious food. While chocolate ice cream doesn’t take away the sting of heartbreak like teenage films would have you believe – sharing sweets with friends is a cute rite of passage and many essential life tips have been shared over a box of chocolates.

Honest Burgers, SE15

IMG_0358I spent the evening catching up with one of my best friends eating delicious burgers and rosemary chips at Honest Burgers, SE15.

I would definitely recommend a visit! The service is exceptional and the menu is very reasonably priced. Burgers are made to order so you never have to worry about the beef being too pink or too tough. I was a bilemog fan of the rosemary chips – I’m usually wary of variations on my beloved french fries but the herbs add an extra delicious dimension to the side dish. I was also pleasantly surprised by the homemade lemonades which were fresh and flavoursome. The restaurant is on a side road just off Rye Lane and away from the bulk o pedestrian traffic. It wasn’t too busy when we were there and the option outside seating meant that we were able to enjoy the sun as well!


I hope that this week’s Self Care Sunday illustrates the fact that self care doesn’t have to be lonely and friends, family (and food!) are also excellent ways of letting go of stress.

Vonique xo


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