Self Care Sundays: Walking through the Woods

Self Care Sundays: Walking through the Woods

Hello loves! This Sunday I went walking through the beautiful city of York and found peace.

One of the things I’ve noticed about myself is my inability to keep still. I am always going somewhere, talking to someone or worrying about something. While I enjoy keeping busy, this restlessness means I am drained very easily and have difficulty finding calm. I enjoy walking through the woods. Walking gives me the solitude that brings serenity and restores my spirit. If you find it difficult to unwind but you enjoy being active, I find taking walks to be a fantastic reviver.

Why Walk?image

As well as being a great low impact form of exercise and source of endorphins, walking is versatile! If self care means losing yourself in music, taking in nature or measuring your thoughts like me, walking could be for you.

I enjoy an amalgamation of the three. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by natural beauty in York, I can walk for hours on end finding new side roads and little bits of history. I also like looking at big trees! There’s just something about huge imposing trees that have seen so much change and stood firm in the last few hundred years as well as the smell of earth that ground me. Walking gets me up and basking in calming fresh air when my mind is racing. I can sift through my thoughts in peace and come up with a plan to attack the week ahead. Alternatively, when I’m feeling energised, blasting (yep, I’m probably going to get tinnitus) my favourite tunes and trotting through the (well lit) woods ensures the longevity of my high.

imageWhere to go Walking?

Walking as a form of self care is all about creating the conditions that allow you to thrive. If you’re looking for solitude and solemnity, walks by large bodies of water or foliage are usually calming and quiet. If you live in a big city like London, solitude may be hard to come by! I would advise lesser known, local parks and less popular times like sunrise and twilight. These times have the added advantage of giving you spectacular views but remember to stay safe if you’re walking at these times by letting someone know where you are and when to expect you back and also by staying on well lit paths. Sticking in some earphones and putting on whatever music allows you to reflect on events and gather your thoughts works just as well as silence! Here are some trails you may enjoy.
Happy walking!

Lots of Love,


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