Amsterdam: Red lights and Bright Nights

Amsterdam: Red lights and Bright Nights

Hello! If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I recently went to Amsterdam!

I haven’t been to the Netherlands since I was a little girl and my family visits back then were of a… decidedly different sort. It had been nearly two years since my last girls’ holiday and I was itching to hit the town with my closest friends and Amsterdam was the perfect location. Close by, relatively cheap with a wealth of culture and a lively night life.


We made it to quite a few museums in the three days we were there! We visited the Museum of Sex and the Museum of ProstitutionThe museums paid tribute to Amsterdam’s liberal attitude towards sex and sex work while also highlighting the fact that prostitution, while legal, was not always consensual in the City. I would highly recommend both museums! To respect the rights of the working women to privacy, I didn’t take any pictures in the Red Light District.

image     Museum of Sex


We took a ride on the city’s canals through Jordaan and learned why they call Amsterdam the Venice of the North.  It was simply beautiful and the scorching temperatures didn’t hurt! The roads were… intense, to say the least. Trams and bicycles mingle with pedestrians on the bustling streets and certainly take some getting used to but as a Londoner, I find a healthy sense of mortal fear when crossing roads, refreshing! And, of course, we visited the iconic ‘I AMsterdam’ sign too.

 image                  I AMsterdam


My diet was most definitely ruined during my trip. From famous apple pies in boutique cafés to pulled pork and caramelised balsamic vinegar wraps, food was one of my favourite things on this trip.Amsterdam Churros   Food  Apple Pie Prosecco et Poulet

All in all, Amsterdam is a great holiday destination that is more than just Europe’s stag do capital. I would highly recommend a trip!

Lots of Love,


Amsterdam Cafe

P.S. A special thank you to Victoria and Enanga for a great holiday and for allowing me to show your beautiful faces.

P.P.S. The images in this post were taken by me and I reserve all rights to them. If you would like to use these images please contact me using the details in the contact page. Thank you.


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