Self Care Sundays: The Bathing Edition

Self Care Sundays: The Bathing Edition

It is Sunday and that means self care, darlings!

I’ve realised how crucial self care is as I’ve navigated through the very taxing space that is University. Stress from assignments, friends (or lack thereof), work and family were really beginning to take their toll. I was working hard instead of working smart and put looking after myself as my last priority and it was really beginning to run me down.

Self care is essentially taking time out of our very demanding lives to be selfish. Self-centredness need not always be a bad thing! Sometimes selfishness means you’ll defer that last chapter of the last book on your reading list until tomorrow morning while you have a luxurious bath and refresh your senses. Other times selfishness means going out for fresh air and alone time to think. Self care always means taking the time to assess what you need to keep yourself happy and healthy!

Tiny Buddha offer an excellent range of ways in which we can practice healthy selfishness. With Self Care Sundays I aim to both make caring for myself a regular occurrence but also to encourage you to do the same.

This Sunday I’m focussing on the restorative practice of bathing! A steaming bath of sensory explosion is probably the most popular form of self care – it’s a remedy for heartbreak, colds and as I recently found out – chicken pox! I find that warm water and steam really help me to relax when I want to think of nothing at all which is an excellent form of self care for me. Please remember to ensure your bathroom is properly ventilated! I’ve fainted more than once when I’ve forgotten to turn on the extractor fan, haha!

When bathing, I find that essential oils are invaluable. A few drops of lavender oil calms my nerves, tea tree oil has mild antibacterial properties and rose oil leaves my skin feeling silky smooth – there’s always the added bonus that they smell divine. Bubble baths are also good fun and very aromatic but I find my skin is a tad too sensitive for most brands so I tend to steer away from them.

While buying a birthday present for my mum I came across the Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment  in Lush. This innocuous little product is a bath oil with a punch! I felt like I was lost on the Katy Perry’s California Gurls set but as well as being fun it was very moisturising which is something I’m always looking for in a bath oil! It contains shea butter as well as coconut and sweet almond oils.

I’m a little theatrical and I love setting the scene with candles! I know my mum and sister love scented candles at bath time but I find the smell of whatever oils I’m using to be enough and light candles for ambience. I’m also a fan of easy listening music when I’m having a restorative bath, Sade and Ludovico Einaudi are by far my favourites.

I’m a big fan of bathing whenever I get the opportunity (i.e. When I’m back from university and one of my siblings hasn’t claimed the bathroom first!). As mentioned, it allows me to free myself from thought and immerse myself in sweet smells, sounds and sights. I find it relaxes me when I’m feeling super stressed and that is definitely what I need this Sunday

I hope this first post on Self Care Sundays was informative and encouraging! Please leave a comment below and let me know how you like to be a little selfish and also how you make bathing an event!

Lots of Love,



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